Colsidex Seabreeze Its My Party BCAT SWA SCE SIE SEE CGC TKI NACSW NW1 L1E L1V

GChG Nani Breica N Crosswind's Aloha

Ch Nani's Southern Cross, BROM

Ch Arokat's Legionnaire BROM

Ch Arimar's Prelude to Arokat BROM

Ch Forshado Nani's Crystal Vision BROM

Ch Nani's Kona Gust CD TD V BROM

Ch Nani's Crystal Key BROM

GCh Breica's Aint That A Btch BROM

Kolata's Surfers Paradise

Ch Unity's Juscanis Surely Temple CGC

Ch Nani Breica Crswnd What It Takes BROM

GChS Nani's Crosswinds First Look BROM

Ch Tsuru-Tani Ekahi Surfs Up

GCh Colsidex Seabreeze Front Runner

GChP Win'Weim's It's My Grey Goose BROM

Ch Nani's Tattletail JH BROM

Ch Graytsky-Win It's My Prague-Ative JH BROM

Ch Ashmore's Win Weim Royal Flush JH BROM

Ch Graytsky's Stella Luna

Ch Colsidex Seabreeze Beyond Words, BROM

Ch Silkwind's More Than Words

Ch Colsidex The Farm Top of the Mark BROM

Ch Jc's Silkwin'd Just One Look TD BROM

Ch Seabreeze Colsidex All Wrapped Up

Ch Eb's N Seabreeze Sorcerers Stone JH BROM